Character Movements


These show some of the movements of my character that will appear in the film. Its mainly just different cycles of movement.


   I have done some very basic storyboards, these however, are much more detailed, not in the way i have drawn them, but they are a shot by shot process of how i want to shoot my film. Each scene has a number and i have explained what is going on in that particular one across the bottom.

First Shot

   Trying to figure out all the different ways in which i can start my film. these are just rough ideas.

Black Dog Sketches

I wanted to use a black dog as the thing that my main character is fighting, it represents all that affects him during one of his ‘low’ moods. These are just some rough sketches i did in my journal and sketchbook.



Just finding out more about the mental illnesses and then specialising later

Hedgehog in the Fog

A 37 year old cutout animation by Russian animator Yuri Norstein. Just some inspiration for my project.